Zetbull Review – Is Zetbull a Scam?

zetbull review

When we first started this Zetbull review, it was December of 2014. It was the first rebranding that the company had undergone, and it allowed affiliates to double their initial investment. We were initially skeptical, but we were attracted by the high returns, which seemed sustainable and we would receive a payout every day for a specified number of days. Ultimately, we decided to give it a try, despite the company’s high starting limits.

While Zetbull markets itself as an investment company, it isn’t regulated and operates on its own. As such, the company can misuse your personal information without any accountability. The site isn’t clear about how investors can invest, but the website advertises that they can earn returns of up to 6500% a day if they sign up as an affiliate. Luckily, this is true for the 1% daily return for twenty days, but we wouldn’t recommend it for long-term investors.

This ZetBull review isn’t a sham, but it does contain some red flags. While Zetbull advertises itself as a legitimate investment platform, there isn’t much information on its investment plans. However, they do advertise a guaranteed return that can be as high as 2.1% per day. In the meantime, you’re not getting any of the promised returns. This doesn’t mean that they’re a scam, but we’d recommend you steer clear of the company until you’ve done some due diligence.

Zetbull is an investment brokerage that claims to provide a guaranteed return on investment money, but in reality, they’re nothing more than a scam. Despite the company’s efforts to make their affiliates happy, ZetBull is a scam. The site’s sales pitch is designed to make you want to invest, and it makes it easy to sell their affiliate membership. Moreover, investors will be interested in cryptocurrency and forex trading, as well as cryptocurrencies and other investments. It’s a man-eat-man market, and this isn’t a good option.

While ZetBull claims to offer investment plans, it’s actually a scam. The company’s website is a sales pitch for a fraudulent program. It promotes trading in bitcoin, forex, stocks, and cryptos, but there is no information on their investment plans, and the company is more likely to confuse investors than not. In fact, it’s better to stay away from scams than join one with a proven track record.

Unlike many other investment programs, ZetBull’s affiliate program offers multiple accounts, and there’s a referral program to earn more money. As an affiliate, you can earn commissions on the investment of your friends and family. Similarly, your referrals can get referral bonuses as well, so it’s not just money. The Zetbull affiliate program is very appealing to both individuals and businesses, and has many pros to recommend it.

Unlike other affiliate programs, ZetBull offers a referral program, which pays commissions on the investments of your downline team members. You’ll also earn commissions from each of your referrals, so you’ll be able to earn more money than you put into the program. You can even withdraw your money if you’re not satisfied. A lot of people who are part of the Zetbull program have been unable to withdraw their money, so we recommend avoiding this company.

ZetBull is a scam, and it has an unimpeachable sales pitch. The website has a distinctly attractive design, and aims to inspire investors to invest in its stock, cryptocurrency, and forex trading plans. This is a man-eat-man market, and ZetBull is definitely a scam. It has no UK incorporation or FCA registration, so it’s hard to tell which investment plan to choose.

In a Zetbull review, we looked at the referral program. This is a program that allows its affiliates to earn commissions on the investments of their downline team members. This system is based on an MLM unilevel structure, and affiliates can only refer their own members to the first level of the pyramid. But, we’re more interested in how the company pays its affiliates, and whether they’re paying out.

The main problem with Zetbull is that it is an unregulated investment company that hides crucial information. It has no contact information, no licensing, and no retail products. Its affiliates can only market Zetbull memberships directly. It is impossible to verify the company’s legitimacy, and it is not recommended that you invest with Zetbull. The platform is a scam. Those who have used Zetbull have experienced a similar experience.

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