Troncase Review – Is Troncase a Ponzi Scheme?

troncase review
Welcome to my Troncase Review.

Currently, Troncase is an online investment platform that operates as an MLM in the cryptocurrency space.

Unlike other investment programs, it offers daily passive income, without a retail product, a website, or any other source of income.

Basically, Troncase is a Pyramid Scheme. And Pyramid Schemes are illegal in nearly every jurisdiction.

However, there are many legal ways to generate income. Let’s take a look at some of them.


Troncase Review – Company Info

Among other things, Troncase has a high return on investment (ROI). It pays its members 0.4% of the amount of money they invest.

The payout amounts increase each time the members reach a certain level. It also pays 0.2% for each level of membership, up to level 10.

And the payout for the last level is a meager $0.1%. But why do I need to keep investing in Troncase?

The only reason why I’m not getting rich fast is because of how many scams are out there.

Troncase Review – Products

The biggest issue with Troncase is that it offers no retailable products. Affiliates can only market the Troncase affiliate membership.

Each member is required to invest 100 TRX in order to join, and they’re promised a 300% ROI.

Once you reach a certain level, Troncase will add 0.1% per day as a bonus to your account.

If you don’t make any withdrawals within five days, the bonus will cap at 0.5%.

To earn referral commissions, you refer people to Troncase using a unilevel compensation structure.

Each new member is automatically placed on the level 2 of the original affiliate’s unilevel team.

Troncase Review – Compensation Plan

Although Troncase doesn’t offer retailable products, affiliates can earn 30% ROI from their investment.

It’s worth noting that it’s a Ponzi scheme with no actual investment activity.

Rather, the profits earned by the affiliates are transferred to the older members through the reinvestments of the older members.

Hence, this is a scam.

The payout is not real and the company behind Troncase has no tangible proof to justify its claims.

Troncase Review – Pros

The company’s website claims to be a legitimate business. Its founders are a former Questra World affiliate.

The second is Erik Nurm. Both have a history of running bogus blockchain investments.

Both Martin Karus and Erik Nurm have a long list of false scams.

They allegedly lied to get your money.

Those who join Troncase can make a profit of up to 300%.

Troncase Review – Cons

TRONCASE REVIEW is a popular cryptocurrency community.

Its members share their earnings, discuss cryptocurrency news and analyze the market.

The company’s unique incentive structure rewards contributors by giving them Moons.

These Moons are used to weigh votes in polls.

The bonus system in Troncase is not a legitimate MLM.

Therefore, the best way to earn a high ROI is to invest in other cryptocurrencies.

Is Troncase a Pyramid Scheme?

A review of Troncase will reveal if it is a legitimate investment opportunity.

As a member, you will be rewarded with a commission based on referrals.

Moreover, the company’s payouts are incredibly high and are dependent on the number of new members.

In addition to the profit potential, the company also promotes its affiliates’ products.

If you are considering joining this program, keep these points in mind when reading the TRONCASE REVIEW.

Is Troncase a Scam?

Troncase is an MLM Scam. The company uses the LP Token as a marketing strategy.

This is an illegal financial scheme that aims to rob people of their money.

While this scheme may sound promising in theory, it has no real investment activity and no profits.

The LP Token was launched with a 15% referral bonus and is a Ponzi scheme that has no basis in reality.

So, this program is not a scam.

Troncase Review – Cost to Join

There are a few concerns with Troncase’s business model.

While the company’s affiliates can market the company’s affiliate membership, the company does not actually produce retailable products.

The entire concept of the business is an illegal financial scheme.

As a result, there is no real investment activity or profit.

The only real income generated by Troncase is a small percentage of the investment in the program.

If you want to join this program, you should not spend more than $10.00.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to credibility, Troncase offers a low entry price.

The fee to join the program is 100 TRX.

If you’re willing to make the minimum investment, you should be able to make the maximum investment.

This is a good sign for the future of the crypto industry, as it can lead to great opportunities for investors.

A Troncase review should include details about how to make money through this program.

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