TotalAV Review – Protect Your PC From Malware and Viruses

TotalAV Review

In this TotalAV Review, we’ll look at how the product protects your computer. Its features include remote firewall, Cloud scanning, and protection against malware. You’ll also learn about TotalAV’s easy user interface and its ability to detect and remove threats. If you’re looking for a good antivirus for your PC, TotalAV may be the best option for you. Whether you’re looking for a simple, effective program, or a powerful security suite, TotalAV will help protect your PC from malware.

Cloud scanning

TotalAV Cloud scanning is a free service that offers a comprehensive protection against viruses, malware, spyware, and other threats. The program scans a range of file types, and allows you to schedule the scan whenever it’s convenient for you. Unlike many other free antivirus services, TotalAV does not require a lot of system resources and scans a large number of files each day. Users can choose from weekly, monthly, or fortnightly scans.

Overall, TotalAV is a decent security solution, but it could still do a better job of enhancing some of its signature features and VPN. There’s also plenty of room for improvement, and the company should continue pushing for more transparency. While the auto-renewal policy is not transparent enough to satisfy everyone, the company has made a move in the right direction with a prorated discount and clearer terms. Ultimately, TotalAV should allow its customers to turn off auto-renewal at checkout.

TotalAV’s website is well-designed and includes useful features, such as a password vault, browser cleanup, and application uninstaller. It also has an ad-blocker and data breach check. However, TotalAV’s price after the first year is still too high, so it’s a good idea to opt for another program or cancel the subscription early. Aside from the lack of flexibility, TotalAV’s technical support is reliable and responsive.

Another bonus of TotalAV Cloud scanning is the ability to scan compressed files. It blocks malware, phishing scams, and ransomware. It also thwarts the installation of Potentially Unwanted Apps (PUAs) and can clean up your disk. Its browser cleaner and web shield are also worth considering. There’s also a free version of the program, but it lacks real-time scanning capabilities.

Remote firewall

The TotalAV Remote firewall is an excellent piece of software to protect your PC from viruses and malware. There are several different ways to troubleshoot an infection, and some are difficult or even dangerous to remove. TotalAV provides a comprehensive suite of protection, including a remote firewall, antivirus, phishing protection, malware removal, spyware, web browser cleaner, and system optimization tools. TotalAV has a 30-day money-back guarantee, and live chat and e-mail support.

The TotalAV Remote firewall protects up to six computers, and is compatible with iOS and Android devices. The firewall allows trusted devices to access the network, with a password. TotalAV also has a mobile app for iOS and Android, and is compatible with iOS 9.0 and Android 5.0. It also scans downloaded files for vulnerability and deletes those that are not needed. AV-Test highlights the program’s excellent capabilities, and it is well worth the purchase.

Another feature that sets TotalAV apart is its private firewall. By blocking unauthorized connections, TotalAV prevents malware and hackers from using your computer. In addition to blocking malware and harmful websites, the VPN helps protect your online activities through an encrypted tunnel between your computer and a remote server. You can surf the web securely even when you are in public places, as TotalAV will notify you if the files you’re downloading are malicious. The VPN also keeps a watchful eye on your online activities.

The only flaw in TotalAV’s auto-renewal policy is that it’s costly after the first year. If you’re concerned about this price tag, TotalAV has a 30-day money-back guarantee and a prorated refund. Just make sure to cancel before the first year is over. You can always opt out of auto-renewal at the time of purchase to avoid being charged more than you need to.

Simple user interface

The TotalAV user interface is quite straightforward, and you can find all of its features in a single place. Its Smart Scan feature, for example, will weed out malware files. In addition, you can get a full scan of your system and check for performance problems, system junk, and duplicate files. However, there are some annoying aspects of this app. Here’s a TotalAV review to help you make the best choice for your security needs.

The TotalAV desktop app is easy to use and makes good use of space. All the features are categorised in a logical fashion, and the dashboard shows you the number of scanned files and real-time protection. There’s also a lock icon that lets you see which items have been locked. TotalAV also provides several configuration options, including the ability to scan junk files and run a quick scan. The dashboard shows the status of real-time protection and smart scan results.

Despite the many positive features of TotalAV, its policies can make it difficult for some users to choose the right program. One of the most frustrating features is the requirement to re-order functions in the menu bar every month. But that is not a big deal if you’re content with its free version. Its mobile app is also fast and efficient, and includes a VPN that grants you better internet access. TotalAV’s latest AV-Test report highlights some of the software’s outstanding features.

Another feature of the app is the Secure Password Vault. This tool lets you store all of your saved passwords without losing them. It also allows you to import your browser’s passwords from it. You can also import your saved passwords from TotalAV’s Secure Password Vault. The Secure Password Vault also works well for total security, and is easy to use. If you want a password manager that doesn’t require you to remember hundreds of passwords, this app is the right tool for you.

Protection from malware

Protection from malware with TotalAV comes with several features. One of them is the ability to change real-time protection behavior. You can tell the program to delete infected files immediately or quarantine them. Both of these features prevent malware from spreading and infecting your computer. This software also integrates with your file manager so you can scan files manually if you need to. Lastly, Total AV does not take up much system resources.

To install TotalAV, go to its official website. Click the “Download” button. An installer will appear. Follow the installation instructions. After installation, sign in to your TotalAV account to activate the full version. During the installation process, the program will detect and block malware. You can use TotalAV on as many devices as you wish, as long as you have an active TotalAV subscription. Its installation process is relatively quick and simple.

TotalAV is also capable of cleaning your browser. It can scan for cookies and history, and also remove duplicates. By default, it will delete all duplicate files and cookies, but you can exclude specific items. In addition, TotalAV can block sites that don’t meet its trust rating. This is a crucial feature for protecting your computer from malware. If you’re worried about malware, TotalAV’s system tune-up features can help. The security suite’s inbuilt junk cleaner helps remove unused apps and improves the performance of your computer.

TotalAV’s pricing is competitive. Compared to Bitdefender and Norton, TotalAV’s prices are low compared to these competitors. However, keep in mind that these discounts last for a year, so you need to pay full price after the promotional period has expired. Thankfully, you can cancel within the first 30 days of your subscription to get a prorated refund. As a bonus, TotalAV has excellent customer support.

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