Profits Passport Review: Ponzi Scheme or Legit?

Welcome to my Profits Passport Review.

The sales funnel for Profits Passport is not as attractive as it seems.

Although the product is marketed as a new automated system that will help you make money online, it really doesn’t offer any training or education.

The product’s main benefit is a webinar that David Dekel gives to members to show them the different income streams that are available.

It also claims to provide you with training, but I haven’t seen this.


Profits Passport Review Company Info

The product offers a variety of marketing funnels that are called income systems.

These funnels require different fees. To get started, clients first purchase the Easy1Up program, which unlocks the training.

However, Profits Passport does not tell you how much the programs will cost you.

Despite that, it’s not worth the money you spend if you’re not sure if they’ll work for you.

Instead, it promises to provide training that will help you earn money online.

Profits Passport Review Products

While this program is a good choice for those who are looking to make money online, there are a few negative points to keep in mind.

One of these is that Profits Passport doesn’t actually offer any training.

You’ll need to find some way to promote the product. The videos are extremely helpful.

The system also offers a forum to share ideas with others. The support team is also helpful, which is always a plus!

This is a great way to meet other online marketers and make money.

Profits Passport Review Compensation Plan

In addition to its misleading sales copy, Profits Passport requires a membership fee to join.

In return, it also requires paid email ad vendors. The inviter will use their affiliate links to recruit members and promote the program.

This program offers six levels of membership.

The lower levels require more time and effort to maintain, and you’ll need to spend money to make any money.

It’s a good way to make money online, but it’s not a scam!

Cost to Join Profits Passport

The biggest disadvantage of Profits Passport is that it is a recruitment program and not a legitimate MLM.

The only thing that the company has to offer is a referral program to build their business online.

As long as you’re able to use your affiliate link, you’ll be able to make money.

This is the only downside of Profits Passport.

The system is not a legit MLM, and David doesn’t disclose how much each program costs.


Despite the claims, Profits Passport offers a high-ticket affiliate marketing program.

In fact, the product is a pyramid scheme, and it is a pay-to-play system.

While a high-ticket affiliate marketing program might look like it’s not a scam, it can be frustrating and deceptive.

The best strategy is to find an honest, reputable company that doesn’t make false promises.

It’s important to remember that Profits Passport is a “review” and is not an investment or a guarantee of income.


Profits Passport is not an MLM. It’s a recruitment company that doesn’t disclose the cost of the programs it sells.

It doesn’t disclose the costs of its affiliate programs, which makes it a scam. I

n fact, the program tries to lure people into paying higher commissions by claiming they’ll make more money.

While these are all legitimate income opportunities, they’re not a real MLM system.

Is Profits Passport a Scam?

There’s a lot to say about Profits Passport. But its name is an ambiguous term that essentially means it’s a pyramid scheme.

It’s not an MLM, but it’s a recruitment system that aims to make money for people who sign up.

The only difference is that it doesn’t have any of the typical features that other MLM programs have.

Its unique selling proposition is to ask people to purchase a program without paying any money.

Final Thoughts

Profits Passport’s website also has misleading income claims. The company’s website features a short video where David Dekel promotes 6 different income streams.

All of the programs are affiliate programs with membership levels and costs.

The membership levels of these programs are the same, but the program requires you to purchase them.

And you’ll have to pay more to earn more. This isn’t the way to make money online.

The main problem with Profits Passport is that David does not tell you the costs of the program, and the income stream is not transparent.

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