PhytoScience Review – Should You Join This Nutritional MLM?

PhytoScience Review

The Founders of PhytoScience came from humble beginnings and are backed by multi-million dollar company. The founders’ claim that their products are based on plant stem cell technology is based on a misunderstanding. While this company may not be backed by any scientific studies, there is a compelling reason to be skeptical. Listed below are the pros and cons of this nutritional MLM. In this PhytoScience Review, we look at the pros and cons of the company and discuss whether you should join their business or not.

PhytoScience is a multi-million dollar company

PhytoScience is a multi-million dollar company that is environmentally-conscious and promotes ethical products. Its products contain stem cells from grapes and Apples, as well as the nutrient-rich acai berry and blueberry. These products nourish the skin from the inside out. The company is also recognized for its commitment to quality control, and is insured for USD1 million.

PhytoScience holds regular corporate events to recognize its members and promote the company’s culture. One such event is the Trend Maker Recognition Day, where company members are recognised with luxury cars and a luxurious showcase is set up in the lobby before meeting rooms. Seeing these examples can help encourage employees to take ownership of their careers and make them a part of the company’s growth. Its CEO is planning to hold more of these events in the future.

PhytoScience is a multi-milliard dollar company based in Malaysia. The company is a global health company, focusing on empowering consumers and business partners to take control of their lives. The company conducts 50% of its business online and delivers its products directly to consumers. PhytoScience is one of the largest multi-level marketing companies in Malaysia. It has been making millions of dollars in sales and has created 100 millionaires.

PhytoScience was founded in 2012 by Tan Sri Lai, who has over 27 years of network marketing experience. He has extensive leadership and operational management experience in global consumer-oriented businesses. He has a proven track record of creating and implementing key business strategies for Multi-Level Marketing companies. Additionally, he has skills in procurement, management information systems, sales, and leadership development. For his part, PhytoScience is aiming to IPO in Asia.

PhytoScience products are based on plant stem cell technology

PhytoScience has a unique formula that uses plant stem cells to regenerate skin cells. This unique formula includes double the amount of active ingredient than any other product. PhytoScience also collaborates with Mibelle Biochemistry, making it the biggest user of Apple stem cells in Asia. PhytoScience’s Snow Algae supplement also receives worldwide distribution rights from Mibelle Biochemistry.

The growing demand for skin care and cosmetics has fueled the global plant stem cell market. With plant stem cells, scientists are able to develop new skincare and hair care products. These products contain natural antioxidants that protect skin cells from UV-induced oxidative stress and neutralize free radicals. In addition, male consumers have become increasingly interested in the beauty industry. Although the plant stem cell market is expected to grow, it is expected to remain constrained due to high operational costs.

The global market for plant stem cell is dominated by North America and Europe. The two regions are home to advanced technology that facilitates research on the cultivation and extraction of plant components. In developed regions, the industry is driven by rising demand for natural-sourced products and government funding. Asia Pacific is poised to become a major player in the plant stem cell market because of its growing demand for natural-derived products.

The company also has a presence in LATAM. In South America, PhytoScience recently acquired Grupo Blumos, which helped expand its presence in Uruguay, Argentina, and Paraguay. Meanwhile, California Cultured has developed a new device to implant plant stem cells in diabetes patients. This device allows these patients to develop new insulin-producing cells without injections. Hence, it helps improve the quality of life for diabetics.

The technology behind PhytoScience’s plant stem cell product line is based on the idea that the ability to divide and multiply endlessly in a laboratory is an adaptation. Plants often fail to adapt to harsh external conditions, but plant stem cells have an ability to overcome these drawbacks and become the most effective method for phytochemical production. The technology is based on the principle of epigenetic control that plants have.

PhytoScience founders come from humble backgrounds

The two founders of PhytoScience come from humble backgrounds and are making it big in the mlm industry. Both Lai and Tai are from a poor family with a small shop and taxi driver. In fact, Lai is the seventh of 11 children. They learned about network marketing at the Singer Sewing Machines company and at the Malaysia National Insurance company. These experiences allowed them to begin their own network marketing business and grow rapidly in the past three years. They are now creating millionaires and helping other people make it big in the industry.

PhytoScience products are in the health and wellness niche – a multi-billion-dollar industry. Although PhytoScience’s products are relatively expensive, the company makes some outstanding claims on their website, including the ability to delay the aging process. Many consumers have a hard time believing that the products that PhytoScience sells can actually do what they claim. Ultimately, however, PhytoScience’s products do not help people delay the aging process.

PhytoScience products are not backed by scientific studies

PhytoScience is a multi-million dollar network marketing company. It’s website is littered with cheesy catchphrases. The company calls itself a “TrendMaker” and claims to be in the business of life transformation. The company’s welcome page is littered with unwarranted pop-ups and annoying music. PhytoScience hasn’t updated its website in over a year.

PhytoScience claims that their products contain stem cells from different plants. Their products contain apple and grape stem cells to nourish the skin and promote younger body cells. Those who want to have brighter skin and a youthful appearance can choose from three PhytoCellTec products: Solar Vitis, acai berry, and blueberry. However, scientific studies are necessary to verify that the company’s products are effective.

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