PGI Global Review – Is PGI Global a Risky MLM?

Welcome to my PGI Global Review.

While the marketing materials of PGI Global are done well, I’m not entirely convinced that the business model lives up to these high standards.

While the website and social media channels are well-designed, there’s no product to speak of.

Some MLMs have products outside of their platform, but not PGI Global.

This makes the business model a risky one.

If you’re interested in joining this business, make sure you invest your time wisely.


PGI Global Review Company Info

In this PGI Global review, I’ll discuss the compensation plan. I’ll focus on the monthly fees and residual commissions.

The company claims that its income is derived from crypto trading and association with a healthy drink.

But, in reality, this is not a legitimate business.

It is an MLM company that requires you to pay a one-time $19 per month to become an affiliate. T

he business’s compensation plan is simply not sustainable.

Furthermore, the promised ROIs aren’t worth the price of membership.

PGI Global Review Products

When it comes to the compensation plan, PGI Global is different than most of its competitors.

Instead of offering retail products, this company focuses on a universal platform.

By becoming an affiliate or investor, you’ll earn a passive income.

You’ll find different investment packages in PGI Global, with each one highlighted in the header.

For the most part, you’ll have the opportunity to earn up to $800 per month.

PGI Global Compensation Plan

The biggest problem with PGI Global is its compensation plan.

It has a binary compensation plan, meaning you can earn as much as you want and have a low risk of losing money.

However, this is not the case with many other MLMs.

This company can be lucrative and offers a very high ROI compared to others.

There are many other companies that use a similar compensation plan.

The bottom line is, PGI Global is a risk. It isn’t for everyone.

PGI Global Rank and Bonuses

PGI Global is a MLM that pays out through a binary compensation structure.

After you’ve made a profit, you’ll have to reinvest until you’ve earned 200% ROI or 50% of your largest investment.

If you decide to withdraw your profits, you’ll have to pay an 8% fee.

Unlike many MLMs, this company is also highly recommended for people looking for a high-risk, low-risk business.

Direct Commissions

PGI Global offers a 100% Multi-level marketing opportunity.

All you need to start is a $100 startup capital.

You can then build your team by subscribing to PGI Global’s blog.

This is a risk-free opportunity for those who want to invest in the cryptocurrency market and build a stable income.

A PGI Global review will give you a clearer idea of whether this program is for you.

Residual Commissions

The compensation plan for PGI Global is similar to that of AI Trade.

The boosted direct commissions are based on the package level.

The highest level is Diamond.

At the moment, the PGI Global compensation plan is divided into two legs.

The left leg leads to the first leg, while the right leg leads to the third.

A successful team in PGI Global will earn a 20% boost in boosted direct commissions.

PGI Global’s compensation plan looks good, but the business model and owners are similar to AI Trade.

Mark Davis and Palafox are located in the Philippines, while the other two are in Australia.

While PGI Global’s compensation plan is very similar to AI Trade’s, it offers a similar compensation scheme.

A successful team can easily build a team and earn high returns, but the business model of PGI is a scam.

Cost to Join PGI Global

The PGI Global compensation plan is not clear and complex, but it is easy to understand and follows best business practices.

In addition, PGI Global is a good place to start if you’re a veteran networker with a strong work ethic.

If you’re a beginner, you may want to consider investing in a crypto cloud mining company instead.

The compensation plan is more straightforward than most MLMs.

Final Thoughts

A PGI Global review reveals that it has a lot of potential.

Aside from offering high-paying jobs, it also has a high turnover rate.

The company is run by people who have been in the industry for years.

The company’s CEO, David Weiland, is in a dangerous position because he’s in hiding for the past year and is not in compliance with securities laws.

While PGI Global may have been able to get away with a $100 investment, that’s a very small risk for the investor.

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