PetronPay Review – Is This Pyramid Scheme Legit?

Welcome to my PetronPay Review.

There are many scams out there, but one that stands out among the rest is the PetronPay pyramid scheme. The compensation plan is designed to encourage recruitment and to generate investments for members, but it never pays commissions to members.


PetronPay Review – Company Info

Moreover, the company touts its fraudulent claims in Fortunes magazine, using a photoshopped logo and a fake headline. It’s difficult to believe any of this, especially when you realize that the company has no product or service to sell and that you’ll only be investing in oil.

PetronPay Review – Product

petronpay review

In spite of the phony claims made by the company, there are no visible signs of fraud. While the website features a picture of an Eastern European actor, its corporate address is in Switzerland. This is a red flag, as Switzerland has warned the company for securities fraud. In addition, the company’s material uses random French words and commas for currency decimals, which are common across Europe. Thus, it’s difficult to trust this company’s promises.

How Does PetronPay Work?

Fortunately, the company is registered as a corporation and has a PO Box 1416 mailing address. The website doesn’t list a phone number or email address, but you can contact the owner directly. While it may not be possible to get in touch with the owners of the company, you can ask them about the business and its operations. The owner will be able to provide you with all the information you need to know about this fraudulent investment opportunity.

The company’s website is full of typos and poorly written. The company has a lackluster look and does not provide any information about their trading strategy. Additionally, the company doesn’t list the names and contact information of its founders. This lack of information makes it very difficult to determine if PetronPay is legitimate or not. This company is operating illegally and is not regulated by the FMA. However, there’s a small chance that a government regulator may take notice of the company soon.

Who Created PetronPay?

The website of PetronPay has a photo of the CEO, John Grant. This company is relatively new, but its website contains an Instagram profile. Despite the fact that the website is new, the company has received a large number of visitors over the past few months. The traffic from Togo, Benin, and Cote D’Ivoire has increased. These countries have very few legitimate business opportunities, and this is one of the reasons why you should avoid any investment in PetronPay.

But is PetronPay Legit?

Unlike most other online investment sites, PetronPay has a social media presence, but its website has no official CEO’s Instagram profile. The company’s website has a profile picture of the company’s CEO, who has no financial experience. Moreover, the company has a very short Twitter timeline, and a lack of website content. It is unlikely that the site is regulated by the FMA. Further, this business has no presence in any state or country.

In addition to the website’s website, the PetronPay website is also a pyramid scheme that has no connection with the oil industry. Its founder, Johnny Grant, is accused of securities fraud and operating a pyramid scheme that does not pay members in any way. This means that the company’s income is primarily generated through investments by new members, and the remaining funds are distributed to those in the bottom tier. This means that the people at the bottom of the pyramid do not receive any money at all.

Is PetronPay a Scam?

In a nutshell, PetronPay is a scam. It has no connection to oil and does not have any financial license. In addition to this, it has no physical location. It is also not regulated. A good way to tell if a scam is legitimate is to visit the site’s Instagram account. It is easy to sign up for their affiliate membership. You will have access to your account if you sign up for the newsletter.

Final Thoughts

PetronPay is a scam. This unregulated investment company does not have a regulatory status, and there are no proofs that the company is actually registered. The company claims to offer 300% ROI but the reality is far from that. In fact, the money isn’t even there yet. The company also does not have any social media accounts. It’s hard to trace the owner of PetronPay. It’s an unregulated Investment Company that withholds vital information from its users.

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