Paid2YouTube Review – Is it a Scam?

Welcome to my Paid2YouTube Review,

This Paid2YouTube Review is a short look at the program that claims to help you earn money by watching YouTube videos and renting referrals.

Is it a scam or not? If you’ve been thinking about signing up, you’ve probably wondered: Is Paid2YouTube a scam?

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What Is Paid2YouTube?

While there is no one’magic formula’ to earning money by watching YouTube videos, it can be done. B

y uploading quality videos, you can earn between $0.75 and $1.00 per thousand views.

Depending on the video’s length and quality, you could even earn more. The best part? You can keep as much as 55% of the ad revenue!

If you’re not satisfied with this low rate, there are other ways to make money on YouTube.

How Does It Work?

Swagbucks is another great option. Its inventory of paid videos is large and there is no minimum payout.

You can also earn cash rewards for watching movies and watching trailers. You can even earn extra points by referring friends.

Viggle also offers several other ways to earn cash, from listening to music to watching TV.

You can earn a few bucks for every video you watch by watching a commercial, and then redeem those points for a gift card or prepaid debit card.

How To Earn Money

To make a video go viral on YouTube, you can upload it to your channel and fill in all the necessary information.

Make sure to add relevant information. Also, make sure your videos have good search engine optimization (SEO).

A well-optimized video can get millions of views. If you want to make it easier for your viewers, use a tool like TubeBuddy.

You can also use VidIQ or TubeBuddy to find the titles of your videos.

Referral System

Another way to earn money by watching YouTube videos is by creating a membership-based channel.

A subscription to your channel will earn you money, and you can even sell merchandise.

YouTube allows you to sell merchandise that people can purchase if they watch your videos.

There are plenty of ways to earn money on YouTube, and one of the best ways is to upload your videos to a website and make a commission from them.

This is an easy way to earn money by watching YouTube videos!

Watch Videos

If you are an avid YouTuber and enjoy sharing your video content, you can earn a nice sum of cash by renting out your referrals on Paid2YouTube.

You can make up to $8.76 per referral, and you can purchase packages of 35, 100, or 500 referrals.

However, you should note that these referrals may not be active. You may not be able to earn money if you do not have active referrals.

Surf & Watch Videos

Alternatively, you can rent referrals for 30 days on Paid2YouTube. You will earn $0.001 per video watched, $0.01 for comments, and $0.05 for each subscribed video.

The best part about this opportunity is that you can earn money without the hassle of creating and maintaining a website.

Paid2YouTube also offers a free YouTube signup bonus and pays out for watching videos every day.

You can also choose to rent 5 referrals for 30 days at a time, which will make you $8.80 in total.

Comment on Videos

Paid2YouTube has been around for several years, but its owner is not a known figure. It claims to pay YouTube viewers for watching videos, commenting, and giving thumbs up.

However, the earnings potential of Paid2YouTube are modest, and the program’s payout schedule is not ideal.

Rate Videos

Furthermore, it doesn’t provide organic YouTube activity, and its payment system relies on BOTS (batch order system) to deliver its services.

If you’re serious about earning cash from YouTube, you’ll need to know about the details of Paid2YouTube.

Subscribe to YouTube Channels

Paid2YouTube is one of the few ways to earn money on YouTube. They pay a certain percentage of referral income from YouTube videos.

They don’t monitor your actions directly on YouTube, but they do track the number of referrals you send to their paid2YouTube channel.

To make more money on YouTube, you can also join a training program like Wealthy Affiliate.


The website looks like a scam, but Paid2YouTube is actually a legitimate YouTube monetization program.

If you create videos and subscribe to YouTube channels, you can earn coins on the site.

The program is easy to use, but the work to reward ratio is quite low. While there are legitimate opportunities to make money online with the Paid2YouTube program, this is not one of them.

Payment Proof

Paid2YouTube does not offer any other opportunities, such as commenting, subscribing, and rating, which could potentially lead to a low pay rate.

It also has a low minimum cash-out requirement, so it can be tempting to buy referrals.

Unfortunately, this means that you’ll have to be super active to break even. Compared to other websites, you’ll need to earn at least $0.02 per day to cash out.

In addition, you’ll have to keep in mind that most referrals quit after the first day.

What I Liked

Besides the low minimum cash-out amount, the other main attraction of Paid2YouTube is its referral system.

You can earn a few dollars by referring your friends and family to the site. But if you’re a newbie, it’s best to try other options before signing up with Paid2YouTube.

There are many other websites offering the same opportunity. Is Paid2YouTube a scam?

What I Didn’t Like

Paid2YouTube works by paying affiliates a portion of the revenue generated by their referrals. Typically, affiliates get paid $0.001 per video view, $0.05 per comment, and $0.05 per subscription, and $0.05 per rating.

Paid2YouTube has packages that cover all aspects of YouTube channel promotion, including advertising.

You can even sign up for a free trial and get paid for 100 video views. The program also claims to pay you within 5 minutes.

Is Paid2YouTube a scam?

This YouTube platform was first established in 2009, and continues to attract hundreds of new members each day.

All you have to do is connect your YouTube channel to the website, post a comment or thumbs up, and you will earn $0.01 to $0.05 per video view. Paid2YouTube has a wide variety of payment options and you can choose which is the best for your needs.

Final Verdict

Paid2YouTube’s referral system requires you to refer your peers to earn money.

The minimum checkout balance is ten dollars and it requires you to watch at least 2000 videos to make a payout.

That’s pretty good money! Just make sure to set up a system to monitor everything to ensure you earn a good income from Paid2YouTube. And don’t worry! The system is very easy.

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