Orion Finance Review – Is Orion Finance a Ponzi Scheme?

Orion Finance is an affiliate program that claims to give investors a return on their investments. The company’s decentralized liquidity pool, Smart Pool, has a daily ROI of 0.7% to 1.4%. However, you must make your investment in ORUSD, not USD. Orion Finance will also pay you a commission for referring new members to the affiliate program. The unilevel compensation plan has two parts: a start bonus and a rank bonus. You can earn three levels of compensation after referring new members.

Orion Finance advertises a return of 0.7% to 1.4% per day for investors. The company asks for $100 to $100,000 in tether (USDT). Then it pays returns in a form of ORUSD. The company also charges a fee of 10 ORUSD for withdrawing your funds. Orion Finance does not market to retail investors. Instead, it uses Russian and English translations of marketing videos. A Boris CEO scheme is a scam, and it is no different with Orion.

Orion Finance is a pyramid scheme. It has a decentralized liquidity pool and daily profits distribution. This is a common feature in a Ponzi scheme. As long as Orion maintains a monopoly on its token, the company’s business model is likely to be unsustainable. Therefore, it is essential to check out Orion Finance’s business plan before investing in the company. The company does not market to retail customers, which makes it more likely to fall victim to a ponzi scheme.

The Orion Finance team claims to offer a 0.7% to 1.4% daily return, which is a legitimate return, but it is not a sustainable model for long-term profits. In the end, the company will fail. The Orion Ecosystem is nothing more than a crypto MLM ponzi scheme. Orion’s founders are making the most of their investors’ time. It is important to understand that Orion Finance has no marketing or sales effort aimed at retail investors.

Orion Finance does not market to retail investors. The company has no marketing materials and has no affiliates. It does not advertise in the US, which is a sign of a pyramid scheme. Despite its promises, Orion is not a reputable company. It’s a scam, and it does not offer any benefits at all. The only way to make money with Orion is to invest in tether and earn a 0.7% daily ROI.

As for the company’s product, Orion Finance has no product that can be purchased for retail use. The Orion token is a useless internal token that will lose value over time. The Orion network’s primary economy will be ORUSD, and the company isn’t even marketing to retail customers. In addition, Orion doesn’t market to retail customers. While the Orion platform is free to join, its website is unavailable to affiliates.

Orion Finance has no sales strategy. It operates in the cryptocurrency MLM niche, and the company’s marketing materials don’t even mention Boris CEO. It is a pyramid scheme. The company also doesn’t market to retail investors, and its marketing videos are only available in Russian. Orion’s website isn’t translated into English, which makes the entire site look suspicious. In addition, the Orion Ecosystem’s website and marketing material are translated into Russian.

The Orion Finance website uses the Boris CEO scheme, and it offers a high return on a single investment. Unlike other crypto MLM schemes, Orion’s token isn’t worth investing in. The only real profit is in the residual commission. But what’s really happening is that Orion is an MLM, which means it’s a pyramid scheme. A ponzi scheme is a pyramid scheme.

The company claims to pay 0.7% to 1.4% daily. This isn’t true, and the tokens are essentially worthless. The company also claims to pay out affiliates with a dollar-denominated tether. As far as the underlying structure of the Orion Finance ecosystem, the company does not advertise its products to retail customers. Its marketing materials are only in Russian. In contrast, the Orion Ecosystem’s marketing videos are translated into Russian.

The Orion Portfolio Solutions financial planners focus on achieving the client’s life goals. The firm’s financial advisors develop customized financial plans and manage investment portfolios. The services of this firm include tax planning, estate planning, retirement, and life-based event planning. Its headquarters is in California, but it has advisors in all 50 states. Its service is not limited to investors, however. If you’re interested in learning more about Orion’s service offerings, consider this Orion Finance Review.

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