OPM Wealth Review – Is OPM Wealth a Legitimate Network Marketing Program?

In this OPM Wealth review, we will discuss whether this program is legitimate. We’ll also take a closer look at the compensation plan. The OPM Wealth system is based on a 2-tier compensation plan, with direct referrals earning 60% commission, and indirect referrals getting 10% commission. OPM Wealth offers a free sign-up, as well as tutorial videos. In addition, you can sign up for a free account and watch four videos to learn more about the program.

opm wealth review

The OPM Wealth site doesn’t reveal who owns the company, or who the founder is. Instead, the company has one man acting as their main marketer. In other words, it looks like an unpopular MLM scheme trying to make money using cryptocurrency. In this case, the company isn’t the source of the problem, but the product itself. It’s hard to tell if OPM Wealth will be a legitimate business without knowing the real owner or founder of the program.

In this OPM Wealth review, we’ve looked at the training videos. We’ve seen videos of a man describing the product. These videos don’t provide much in the way of cryptocurrency information, but they do show you how to get started. Unfortunately, the videos don’t give you much value in terms of content. In addition, you can’t withdraw your commissions in any form or currency. As a result, we can’t recommend OPM Wealth to anyone.

If you’re new to this type of network marketing program, we’d advise you to look elsewhere. While OPM Wealth does offer a great deal of potential, it’s not a good idea to make money fast. The company has an extremely high level of fraud and doesn’t favor small-scale entrepreneurs or beginners. We advise you to avoid OPM Wealth and find another alternative. Otherwise, we’d recommend Plutus.

OPM Wealth is a pyramid scheme. There is no product to sell or service, and OPM Wealth only recruits people on the same level. This isn’t a good opportunity for people who don’t want to invest their money. In addition to this, OPM Wealth is a scam. Don’t sign up with this company. We’ve been scammed by this scam in the past. Luckily, OPM Wealth has an excellent reputation. If you’re looking for a reliable way to generate income, you can do it by taking the OPM challenge.

Among the benefits of OPM Wealth is its low entry requirements. If you’re a beginner, you’ll need a minimum of $2,000 to join. However, you can also buy the full Zeus package and access all of the tiers below it. Depending on the package you choose, OPM Wealth members will receive a gift, depending on the level of investment. The gifts will vary from laptops to wireless chargers.

OPM Wealth does have products, but they’re a mere afterthought. The main emphasis of the business is recruitment. This means that the majority of members lose money. In fact, the majority of OPM Wealth reviews have found that the company’s founders and leaders are just making money off of their members’ hard-earned cash. The main difference between OPM Wealth and other similar MLM scams is that OPM Wealth’s founders don’t disclose their identities or their ownership.

While OPM Wealth does offer a free trial membership, it does require you to invest in the full program. There are three tiers: the Zeus package, which includes the Zeus package, and the other three tiers. In addition to the video modules, the other four tiers are optional, with each being a paid option. The OPM Wealth website is also easy to navigate, which makes it very convenient for people to learn how to use it.

The OPM Wealth platform is a scam. The company is selling a pyramid scheme that does not work for most people. It doesn’t even have any introductory videos. The company’s website isn’t trustworthy. Its founders do not even list who they are. It also does not list its owners or founders. There’s only one person marketing the program. OPM Wealth is a scam, and it does not support its members.

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