Northestar Review – Is This MLM Opportunity Worth Your Time?

northestar review

Welcome to my Northestar Review.

In this Northestar review, we’ll discuss the company’s policies and compensation plans.

Although NortheStar is an MLM opportunity, it operates in the nutritional supplements sector.

The company does not list its corporate address, but its legal disclaimers reference Nevada and Texas.


Northestar Review Company Info

Its policies and compensation plans require arbitration in Las Vegas, and any disputes must be settled through nonappealable mandatory arbitration.

The company was founded by Ricky Villanueva, who is the head of Digital Profit, an affiliate network.

He is also a Green Diamond, the highest level within Digital Profit.

Northestar Review Products

The compensation plan of NortheStar is simple: you earn 1% of company-wide sales volume.

You can buy shares of Customer Star Pool but the shares expire after a month.

You can also buy preferred customers’ volume.

However, the product offerings are pretty standard for MLMs, and the company seems like it’s a product of the founders’ own time and effort.

And while the company’s products aren’t particularly exceptional, they are similar to other nutritional supplement MLM companies.

Ho To Make Money With Northestar

In addition to selling retail products, NortheStar has a compensation plan that allows its customers to earn through commissions.

This plan also allows them to sell and sponsor new affiliates.

As an affiliate, they can earn by recruiting other people and selling products.

There are also performance based bonuses and other incentives for the top performers.

So, in this NortheStar review, we’ll go over the compensation plan in detail to see if it’s worth your time.

Northestar Compensation Plan

NortheStar offers two primary ways to make money. The first method is to sell its products to retail customers.

The second option is to recruit new affiliates and sell them their own products.

This compensation plan allows for bonuses and performance based compensation.

Moreover, you can earn commissions by recruiting other affiliates. If you are successful, you can get referrals and commissions.

Then, you can sell the products to retail customers as well.

In NortheStar, the compensation plan offers a simple compensation structure.

For affiliates, the compensation plan offers two main methods to earn money.

The first is to sell retail products to other affiliates. The second is to recruit new affiliates.

The third method is to sell their own products.

Alternatively, they can earn from the commissions of other affiliates.

Both methods have performance-based bonuses, which can be very profitable for the affiliates.

The compensation plan offers two ways to make money.

As an affiliate, you can sell retail customers, while you can also earn by sponsoring new affiliates.

The second way to earn is to sell other people’s products.

In this way, you can earn by selling products to retail customers, and even by recruiting other affiliates.

You can also earn through performance-based bonuses.

And you can earn through the two methods. But, what’s the best part of NortheStar?

Cost to Join Northestar

The compensation plan of NortheStar is simple. Affiliates earn by selling retail customers or sponsoring new affiliates.

The other method is by selling products to other affiliates. Both methods are effective.

And the compensation plan includes performance-based bonuses.

These types of commissions are often very attractive and can be a good source of revenue.

A third method is to sponsor new affiliates. This option is beneficial for both businesses and affiliates.

Is Northestar a Scam?

Affiliates can earn through NortheStar’s compensation plan. As an affiliate, you can sell products to retail customers and recruit new affiliates.

You can also earn through a performance-based bonus system. And while the compensation plan is complicated, it has several upsides.

The company’s products are a great deal, and its compensation plan is designed for a pyramid recruitment strategy.

The compensation plan is flexible and provides the most benefits for your time and money.

Final Thoughts

The compensation plan of NortheStar is not very complicated.

In essence, the compensation plan works by taking 1% of the monthly company-wide sales volume.

This means that your preferred customers are always eligible for commissions.

The customer-star pool shares are subject to expiration and you must sell at least $100 of products per month to qualify. Y

ou can earn up to $2,000 per month by recruiting new affiliates. It is worth considering the performance-based bonus program of NortheStar.

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