IM Mastery Academy Review: Legit Biz Op or Scam?

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IM Mastery Academy Review – Company Info

Is the IM Mastery Academy a scam? If you have any doubts, read this IM Mastery Academy review to get the truth about this new opportunity.

Who’s the Owner of IM Mastery Academy?

The founder of the company, Terry Bailey, is under investigation from the COMMODITY FUTURES TRADING COMMISSION after rebranding the company. Although his tactics were altered, he added products to the IM Mastery training program to avoid legal action. While promoting digital services, the platform is actually an MLM scheme.

IM Mastery Academy Review – What’s Inside?

Unlike other MLM programs, the IM Mastery Academy makes its profits by recruiting new sales representatives. This means that a sales representative earns commissions by enrolling people and then recruiting them.

IM Mastery Academy Review – Compensation Plan

The academy then recruits members and sets up new levels below them. This is known as the pyramid scheme. This method is often referred to as a scam because it consists of members getting paid without any actual product. However, it is a legitimate business that pays taxes and abides by government mandates.

IM Mastery Academy – Pricing

IM Mastery Academy has warnings from Spain and France and was banned in Belgium. On the BBB website, it has a F rating. In addition, IM Acadamy has received over 1000 complaints in the last three years.

How To Make Money With IM Mastery Academy

While most of the complaints were about losing money, some members were not able to get a refund. Therefore, you should check IM Mastery Academy review before you join it. You can learn more about IM Mastery Academy by reading our IMMA reviews.

IM Mastery Academy – Pros

The IM Mastery Academy compensation plan focuses on recruiting sales representatives. The concept is simple – when someone joins the program, they get access to promotional tools that they can use to recruit new members.

IM Mastery Academy – Cons

With every new member, they grow their downlines and create new levels below them. This is a typical pyramid scheme, and IMMA is no exception. This system works by providing incentives to each member for referring other people.

Is IM Mastery Academy a Scam?

In this IMMA review, we discuss what we think of the company and the IMMA compensation plan. The company is not a scam and has a seven-day refund policy for the initial pack. In addition, IMMA does not have a public compensation plan, but a few affiliate ranks are a good sign. IMMA members can earn up to $1,200 a year.

Is IM Mastery Academy a Pyramid Scheme

The IMMA is an online training program that teaches newcomers to market products and make money.

Who is IM Mastery Academy Designed For?

Unlike most other programs, IMMA has no public compensation plan. You earn a commission on sales of affiliate products and services, and you will be paid based on your sales. This is an excellent multi-level marketing opportunity, but if you want to make money online, you should know what to look for in an affiliate program. The IMMA compensation plan is not a pyramid scheme; instead, it’s a legit multi-level marketing business that pays its members according to your performance.

Can You Really Make Money With IM Mastery Academy?

IMMA offers a seven-day refund policy, but it doesn’t apply to the initial pack subscription. It is a good idea to check out the company’s products before making a decision. The quality of their products is an important component in any affiliate program. IMMA is one of the better options. But you need to consider whether they offer quality products or not. In order to learn more, visit their website and join.

IMMA offers an affiliate compensation plan that’s similar to other multi-level marketing programs. IMMA offers the most valuable training in binary trading, as well as forex trading. The training is offered in multiple languages and is highly recommended for those with some basic knowledge of these markets. There’s also a bonus program for beginners, with no minimum amount. If you’re serious about earning money online, read IMMA’s reviews carefully. You’ll learn more about the company’s affiliate compensation plan and its membership structure.

Final Thoughts

IMMA is a legit MLM program, and it claims to teach its members simple strategies to trade effectively and confidently. It doesn’t provide a compensation plan, but it does offer a seven-day refund policy. In addition to this, it has an eleven-day refund policy. If you’re not satisfied with the training, you can cancel the membership anytime within the first seven days. This is a good sign. Besides, you’ll be able to earn substantial income in IMMA by using the marketing materials and tools they provide.

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