iGenius Review: Another MLM Crypto Company Scam?


Welcome to my iGenius Review.


iGenius review – Company Info

A iGenius review is essential to know the pros and cons of this new opportunity.

The company was founded in 2016, and the company has already received $7 million in funding. In less than six months, the company created their flagship product, Crystal, and was recognized by several major companies as one of the best startup products.

Uljan Sharka, who heads the company, hails from Italy and has offices in California, London, and Switzerland.

The iGenius website features 14 levels of affiliate ranks.

iGenius Review – Products

To become an affiliate, you need to invest at least $1000 through the CryptoElite trading bot. This robot makes trades on the exchange and collects ten to fifteen percent of the funds invested through the system.

iGenius is a passive income opportunity through MLM recruitment.

The company has two levels of revenue: personal and group. The former is paid on residual sponsoring commissions, while the latter is paid on personal recruitment.

While iGenius does not sell products, it does offer affiliates a way to sell memberships, which provides access to financial and crypto material, as well as travel discounts.

The company also has an online store. iGenius is operated by Chad Garner, who previously worked at Kuvera Global.

The website features multiple opportunities that you can pursue.

iGenius Review – Compensation Plan

iGenius is a passive income opportunity that is focused on MLM recruitment and cryptocurrency. I

t was previously known as Kuvera Global, but lost its traffic and popularity after being suspended from the OTCQB.

Earlier, the company was also known as Kuvera Global. The founder Chad Garner and the company’s owner Chad Garner are both in the United States and the UK.

As such, a iGenius review will be useful to you if you are thinking of becoming an affiliate.

iGenius Review – Cost to Join

As mentioned above, the iGenius program is not a scam.

Although it is a legitimate business, there are many risks associated with it.

While it is a legitimate investment opportunity, there are many risks and disadvantages to the iGenius program.

You should consider all of this before signing up. It is a good opportunity for passive income.

You can earn an income by enrolling as an affiliate.

iGenius Review – Affiliate Ranks

There are 14 iGenius Affiliate ranks as per the compensation plan.

RankRequirementGV Requirement per month
AffiliateSign up as an affiliate and pay membership fees –
InfluencerRecruit 2 affiliates –
ExecutiveMaintain 2 personally recruited affiliates1000 GV
Platinum ExecutiveMaintain 2 personally recruited affiliates2000 GV
Global ExecutiveRecruit 4 affiliates5000 GV
Diamond ExecutiveMaintain 4 personally recruited affiliates10,000 GV
AmbassadorMaintain 4 personally recruited affiliates25000 GV
Platinum AmbassadorMaintain 4 personally recruited affiliates50,000 GV
Diamond AmbassadorMaintain 4 personally recruited affiliates1,00,000 GV
Presidential AmbassadorMaintain 4 personally recruited affiliates2,50,000 GV
CrownMaintain 4 personally recruited affiliates with 2 of them being Presidential Ambassador or higher5,00,000 GV
LegendMaintain 4 personally recruited affiliates with 3 of them being Presidential Ambassador or higher10,00,000 GV
Star LegendMaintain 4 personally recruited affiliates with all of them being Presidential Ambassador or higher20,00,000 GV
Royal LegendMaintain 5 Presidential Ambassador or higher affiliates40,00,000 GV
Crown LegendMaintain 6 Presidential Ambassador or higher affiliates60,00,000 GV

The main drawbacks of iGenius are its legality, iGenius has no product or service that is retailable.

Investing in the company is not a good idea as there are too many risks involved.

You could end up losing your money if you don’t pay the company.

It’s not a scam at all.

And iGenius is a great investment opportunity for beginners.


The company claims to help you earn passively by promoting referral programs.

Besides paying affiliates for referring others, iGenius also pays you for your referrals.

iGenius has a legal business model, but it is not a scam.

It does not offer a product or service, and you should not invest your money in this scheme if you don’t understand how to use it.


iGenius is tied to a network marketing business model.

The company is a legitimate MLM, but it is based on a MLM model.

There are several risks associated with an MLM, but if you follow the rules of the program, you can make good profits.

In addition to its multiple opportunities, iGenius is a legit business opportunity that offers multiple levels of compensation.

If you have a passion for crypto and want to learn more about the industry, iGenius is the way to go.


If you’re interested in making passive cryptocurrency income, iGenius is a good choice.

Unlike many MLMs, iGenius is a legit MLM, which means it’s completely legal.

In contrast, most MLMs don’t have these advantages.

Instead, they are illegal business models.

The company’s business model, however, has a riskier risk profile, and the iGenius system does not offer any benefits that can be justified by a simple MLM model.

Final Thoughts

Igenius is a legitimate MLM that offers multiple opportunities.

It offers financial management services, and a variety of other products and services.

The company also provides training in forex, cryptocurrencies, and equity markets.

You can also earn passive returns through MLMs, which is what makes it a good option for many people.

This program can be a valuable asset in several different ways.

It can be a great way to supplement your existing income.

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