iBG Finance Review – Is iBG Finance a Ponzi Scheme?

My first impression of iBG Finance was that it seemed too good to be true. This company is a Ponzi scheme, not a legitimate business. Despite the hype, iBG Finance doesn’t have any retail products. It’s an MLM compensation plan with a zero-percent income opportunity. The company claims that it offers an AI-enabled crypto wealth management app. But it’s actually nothing more than a cookie-cutter MLM crypto Ponzi points scheme.

ibg finance review

The iBG Finance compensation plan is based on referral commissions on the funds invested by a member. However, there’s a cap on the commission that can be earned on a given investment. Each referral commission generated will be capped at a certain amount. For example, if an affiliate invested $5,000, he would get a 40% commission on that investment, while if he invested $10,000, he would receive the full sum of $10,000.

While iBG Finance claims to be located in the Seychelles, there’s no real presence there. They operate through a proxy address and have no physical presence. The iBG Finance team has no MLM background, and Menon has no experience. He rebranded himself as a blockchain pro in late 2018. This company has many problems. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced investor, iBG Finance is not a legitimate business.

In our iBG Finance review, we’ve identified two key areas for scammers to exploit investors. Firstly, iBG Finance uses a proprietary ERC-20 shitcoin, which has no value outside of the iBG Finance platform. Then, once the Ponzi scheme collapses, it will disable all withdrawals and start a new iBG Finance scam. So, what are the warning signs? iBG Finance’s reputation is not good, and there’s no way of knowing for sure.

In my iBG Finance review, I found that the company was a Ponzi scheme. The iBG Finance team uses an ERC-20 shitcoin. This shitcoin has no value outside of the iBG Finance platform. The iBG Finance team will try to prevent its members from cashing out their earnings and cite multiple excuses. This is very similar to Wiseling.

Another red flag is the company’s lack of a physical presence. They claim to be based in the Seychelles, but that address is a shell of a business. They have no physical presence. Neither does their founder, Vin Menon, have a background in MLM. He claims to have an IT background and has rebranded himself as a blockchain pro in 2018. This is a major warning.

IBG Finance is a Ponzi scheme. They claim to be based in Seychelles, but the address used is a bogus one. iBG Finance’s ERC-20 token is an ERC-20 shitcoin. There is no value outside the iBG Finance platform. Therefore, iBG Finance has no physical presence. It is a Ponzi scheme with no real business operations.

iBG Finance is a Ponzi scheme. Unlike Wiseling, iBG Finance is not a real business, and it is a shitcoin scam. This means that iBG Finance is not a legitimate business. This company also claims to have no physical presence in the United States, making it a fake. But there is nothing to be worried about. In fact, iBG Finance is a scam!

iBG finance is an MLM shitcoin exit-scam. You earn commissions on every single referral that you send to iBG Finance. iBG Finance uses the same token as Wiseling. This is a Ponzi scheme. The company does not register securities in any country and is a scam. iBG finance has no business model, and no way to earn money. It has no physical presence, and you will be wasting your time and money.

iBG’s ibg tokens are generated on demand by an internal exchange. The company does not disclose the value of the internal ibg tokens. iBG does not disclose the value of its IBG tokens. Instead, it only provides the necessary tools to invest. As a result, iBG isn’t just a legit investment, it is a reputable business.

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