GSPartners Review: Legit Crypto MLM Or Scam?

Welcome to my GSPartners Review.


GSPartners Review – Company Info

GSPartners review will highlight the key issues with the platform, including the lack of tangible investments, and vague investment specifications. The company claims that it has invested more than $1 billion in various companies, but these are only tokens, and they do not disclose their underlying investments. GSPartners’ CEO is credited with running the Karatbars KGC company, which had inflated its public value to 62%. Harald Seiz, the founder of Karatbars, was forced to create videos for his investors explaining the pump and dump investment scam. He was ghosted on his investors, and he also rebranded many proven scam investments to keep up the GSPartners image.

GSPartners Review – Products

GSPartners is an Investment Company that does not have any financial regulation. This is a red flag, as it may result in unregulated funds. As such, GSPartners withholds crucial information about their business model, which means that investors can’t rely on it to protect their funds. Additionally, the company could go bankrupt at any time. To make sure that your investments are safe, you should invest in a reliable investment company.

GSPartners Review -Compensation Plan

GSPartners’ affiliate program also features a referral model. Share your referral link with friends and family and they can earn a commission for recommending the service. You’ll also earn a bonus for referring new members. The basic affiliate membership cost $99 annually, but it only provides access to the Blockchain Academy. The company accepts ethereum and bitcoin as payment methods. If you’re serious about investing in a cryptocurrency business, you should read this GSPartners review.


As an Investment Company, GSPartners is unregulated and can’t provide you with a guarantee of a return on investment. This is a red flag for any investment company, as there is no way of knowing if a particular organization will go bankrupt. It’s best to invest in stable investment options that are self-worthier. If you want to learn more about GSPartners, read this GSPartners review.

Referral Commissions

Although GSPartners’ affiliate program offers a referral model, it is still not regulated. Therefore, the lack of information about the company is a major red flag. There is no way to guarantee that the site will stay afloat for the long-term. The risks associated with GSPartners are too high to invest in it. As an unregulated Investment Company, GSPartners’ affiliate program will not keep you informed about the risks associated with it.

GSPartners Review – Cost to Join

Unlike many other investment companies, GSPartners has no financial regulators. This is a major red flag, especially for investors who are unfamiliar with the cryptocurrency. There are several other factors to consider before joining GSPartners. Firstly, it is unclear whether GSPartners is regulated. In addition, there are no guarantees, and the platform may not be as reputable as it claims.

Is GSPartners a Scam?

GSPartners’ Blockchain Academy platform has the potential to be a scam. It does not offer any sort of financial information or assurances, and the only GSPartners’ website does not include a list of investors. However, this is a ruse. The company’s one-stop-shop for the cryptocurrency world. In addition, GSPartners is a reputable and regulated Investment Company.

As an unregulated Investment Company, GSPartners does not have any financial regulators. The company does not disclose its financial information, which is a major red flag. While GSPartners has a number of testimonials, it is difficult to assess the reliability of these websites. The company’s reputation and trustworthiness have been questioned by the public. It is possible that the site was defrauded because it is anonymous, and you’ve been told that the platform is a scam.

GSPartners is an unregulated Investment Company. The lack of financial information and the lack of securities regulation should be a big red flag. Moreover, GSPartners is not registered with any financial regulators. Furthermore, despite the GSPartners review, the GSPartners website is not able to indicate which blockchain it trades in. This should give prospective clients pause before investing in GSPartners.

Final Thoughts

GSPartners has a variety of affiliate compensation plans. Affiliates can earn profits through marketing their GSrade membership. This program allows affiliates to earn Bitcoin, Etherium, and other crypto assets. As an affiliate, you can only market your GSPartners membership. You can earn up to 275 USDT, which is equivalent to about 3498 G999 coins. The company has been in business for almost a year, but it has not yet achieved its goal to become a global phenomenon.

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