Genesis Pure: Scam or MLM Pyramid Scheme?

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Genesis Pure Business Review

Is the Genesis Pure opportunity right for you?

Maybe it was recommended by a close friend or family member.

In this Genesis Pure Business Review, I’ll explain what I think of this opportunity and what I believe are its main drawbacks.


Genesis Pure Review – The Company

What are the claims of the product lines?

Does the company have a good IBO leader’s program?

Is it worth pursuing?

Or is it simply another scam?

This review will help you decide if the Genesis Pure business opportunity is worth your time and money.

What Is Genesis Pure?

The Genesis Pure business model offers health items and dietary products through a multi-level marketing (MLM) program.

The company is headquartered in New York City and has a Korean division as well.

Drs. Lindsay Duncan and Dae Geun Jung founded the company, which has been wildly successful for years.

Dr Duncan has extensive experience in the wellness industry and has helped build several healthy companies. Both have extensive backgrounds in marketing and sales.

How Does Genesis Pure Work?

The product line of Genesis Pure Business is comprised of four major products: wellness drinks known as Super Fruits, a power drink targeted to athletes, and a skin care line.

Each of these products is well-documented on the company’s website.

The company is not a scam, and their products are highly regarded by consumers.

If you’re interested in joining the Genesis Pure business opportunity, there are several ways to become a part of it.

How Do You Make Money With Genesis Pure?

The business model is quite simple. It pays commissions to Independent Business Owners who successfully recruit customers.

The compensation plan includes bonuses and maximum commissions. However, these bonuses and commissions are not disclosed.

Customers must also buy a monthly Autoship program. This program will automatically ship product packs to their homes each month and bill their credit cards monthly.

Once you’ve joined the business model, you can start selling the Genesis Pure products and earn commissions.

Is Genesis Pure a Scam?

The Compensation Plan for the Genesis Pure business model consists of residual commissions, retail commissions, and a few extra bonuses.

Retail commissions are paid out on all Genesis Pure products.

This commission is equal to the difference between the wholesale price of the product and the discounted price for the preferred customer.

You’ll get paid every time a new customer orders a product through your referral link, which means you earn a retail commission for every purchase they make through your referrals.

Success With Pure

As a multi-level marketing business, Genesis Pure has a lot to offer. The company’s products include athletic performance supplements, beauty regimens, and nutrition.

They also have a multi-level marketing program, which means that anyone who wants to sell Pure products can do it from home.

And the best part is that they don’t contain harmful ingredients. In fact, the company’s CEO, Daren Hogge, has 34 years of direct selling experience, and has a proven track record of success.

Compensation plan

The compensation plan for Genesis Pure is based on a binary tree structure.

To earn a commission, you must recruit people on your left and right team, with the latter earning 10% of the sales of the other.

The compensation plan also offers a bonus pool, with an unlimited depth, but the compensation is capped at the first two levels.

In Genesis Pure, the commissions are divided between both affiliates and their direct recruits.

The company is a multilevel marketing health and wellness company with multiple product lines.

It is not a pyramid scheme, as the FTC defines a pyramid scheme as one in which a person sells a product to make a profit.

Its compensation plan is solid, its product lines are based on scientific research, and the company has a good history.

Genesis Pure offers both products and a compensation plan that’s designed to make its partners wealthy.

Negative Reviews

As a member of the Genesis Pure IBO program, you can purchase their products wholesale and resell them at suggested retail prices.

The difference is your profit. Many customers will enroll in a monthly Autoship program, which gives them a discount on the retail price.

The compensation plan also includes a percentage of new orders that your IBO makes.

If you can maintain a personal volume of 100 PV every month, you can earn a 10% commission of your initial order.

Positive Reviews

The compensation plan for Genesis Pure Business Review is easy to understand.

It is a two-tier compensation plan, with retail commissions, revenue sharing, and ten percent commissions per team member.

Your team commissions are based on your monthly sales volume.

To earn a commission, you must recruit at least one person on each leg. You can also get a commission for referring customers.

However, Pure Investments requires a one-year membership and a minimum sales quota.

What I Liked

A multilevel marketing company called Genesis Pure sells a range of health supplements and encourages its sellers to become Independent Business Owners (IBOs) who recruit others.

While this business model is generally legitimate, it has been criticized for making false claims about the effectiveness of its green coffee bean supplements.

Lindsey Duncan, a former executive at the company, was recently convicted of false claims about her supplement, a natural green coffee bean extract.

However, the Genesis Pure website no longer mentions the founder, and the company now leads by Daren Hogge.

What I Didn’t Like

While there is still some controversy surrounding Genesis Pure, it has expanded and merged. Q Sciences, a sister company of Genesis Pure, is a successful and rapidly growing company run by Daren Hogge. His previous company,

Go Yin, has also experienced success in direct selling. However, the product claims of Genesis Pure Business have remained a mystery, and the company’s success is not guaranteed.

While the company may have been founded by one person, many individuals have tried the products, and many have lost money.

Is Genesis Pure a Scam?

Regardless of the level of experience, the Genesis PURE business opportunity is an excellent opportunity for those interested in natural health supplements.

This company offers products that are highly sought-after by health conscious consumers.

In addition, the business model is based on traditional multilevel marketing principles, and you’ll be trained in these techniques.

Genesis PURE pays out weekly residual commissions through a binary compensation structure.

Affiliates in the first position earn 10% of the total volume produced by their downlines.

Final Thoughts

Although Genesis Pure is a legit MLM opportunity, some members have experienced financial hardship as a result of their recruitment efforts.

The company also offers a generous compensation plan that pays its members according to their performance.

However, many of these claims are simply false and Pure is not a pyramid scheme.

The business model allows members to earn money without recruiting others.

You must take care to check this carefully before you join.

Even if you do not earn the highest commissions, you can still earn income and enjoy health in a safe manner.

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