Fortress Network Review: Legit MLM or Scam?

Welcome to my Fortress Network Review.

This Fortress Network review is not about the product, but rather the company’s history. The company began as a pyramid scheme that only paid out to new recruits, but has since expanded into an e-retailing platform. The company does not list the owners, but founder Dorian Akili Omari has publicly stated on his YouTube channel that he founded the business. The site also features videos of Omari promoting different products.

The Fortress Network website is crude, but the products it offers are high-quality. The company does not make any retail sales. Instead, all commissions are paid out via membership fees that are tied to recruitment. As such, this company is a pyramid scheme, but it distorts the structure in a way that makes it appear like a legitimate business. The products are cheap and available through third-party manufacturers. The company’s founder, Dorian Akili Omar, a former nightclub promoter, has released several videos explaining the business model. These videos are available on the Fortress Network YouTube channel.

Besides selling their own products, Fortress Network also lets members advertise their own products. The company lists them in the right category, and all sales go to the affiliate. This allows affiliates to earn 100% of the profits. This makes Fortress Network a legitimate MLM opportunity, and there are no pitfalls to getting started. This is an excellent opportunity for newbies who are interested in making money through affiliate marketing. However, if you’re not interested in earning commissions or making money from Fortress Network, you should find another opportunity.

Fortress Network pays its affiliates $1 for every member they recruit, or $1 for every indirect member they sign up. This means that they earn a monthly income of about $28,523 a month without any effort on their part. To become a member of Fortress Network, you must recruit three other members. If you’re serious about making money, you should look for another company. There are plenty of legitimate MLM companies out there.

This MLM opportunity is not a scam. It is a multi-level marketing opportunity, but it’s a pyramid scheme. The company claims to be a social network, but the truth is that they are more like a pyramid scheme. And while it doesn’t make retail sales, they do pay affiliates commissions on the sale of other people’s products. The product itself isn’t sold on their website, and the sales process is also easy. Once you have three qualified affiliates, you can start earning through Fortress Network.

This MLM is not a scam. It pays out $1 for every member you recruit. This is how you can earn close to $29,523. The only requirement is to recruit three people. That’s a lot of people to make a decent income, and I’m not talking about the founder of the company. It’s just an MLM. It’s an overhyped pyramid scheme. You’re not going to find a legitimate MLM company with this system.

The Fortress Network website is a very crude and dated looking scam. The company is trying to get a foothold in the e-retail industry, but the lack of professionalism make Fortress Network look like a pyramid scheme. The site is also difficult to join, so it is hard to figure out the full details of the business. There’s no information on how To Join the Fortress Network Pyramid Scheme

The website for Fortress Network is a shoddy e-retail platform that tries to get you to sign up. While this MLM is a legitimate company, the Fortress Network website is a pyramid scheme. The company’s owner, Dorian Akili Omar, has an alleged involvement in the business and has even published videos about it on YouTube. This makes the Fortress Network a pyramid scheme, and a lot of people who are skeptical about the company are suspicious.

Fortress Network presents itself as a legitimate, innovative platform, but does not offer any big profits to its users. The website is based on the fact that Fortress Network is a pyramid scheme, and it has not been around long. The company is not an online business, but it is a real, live company. Despite its appearance, the company has many scam warnings on its official page. If you’re interested, you can sign up for their newsletter and start earning cash today.

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