Espian Global Review – Is Espian Global Really Worth the Try?

Welcome to my Espian Global Review.

This Espian Global review will give you an overview of the company’s pay plan and incentive scheme. The main attraction of the program is its ability to offer 2×7 framework cycler, which means that you will have an unlimited amount of positions to fill. In addition, the Hall of Fame Bonus will help you increase your payouts. But does this pay plan really live up to its promise? Let’s find out! Read on to find out.


Espian Global Review Company

First off, there’s the Espian Global CORPORATION LTD. This company is not a real company. It’s simply a fraudulent business that poses as ESPN Global Corporation LTD. While it has a pyramid recruiting scheme, there’s nothing legitimate about this business model. Secondly, it uses play tokens. These are ERC-20 shittokens with no real value outside of the Espian Global network.

Espian Global’s Products

Second, the Espian Global review says the program is legit. Despite the company’s name, it’s still an MMM. That means that it’s impossible to make a profit from the program without spending money. Lastly, if you’re looking for a legitimate opportunity, don’t be discouraged if it doesn’t offer a guaranteed ROI. But if you want to make money online, it’s worth the try.

Espian Global Compensation Plan

In addition to the shady marketing practices, Espian Global has no real product to sell. The only real value it offers is the money. Its affiliates purchase Smart Gaming Tokens, which are digital coins that they hope will increase their earnings by hundreds of percent. However, the compensation plan only pays out if you recruit new affiliates. The compensation plan is based on recruitment, with each new affiliate earning 50 cents for every $5 spent on the gaming platform.

Espian Global Ranks

Espian Global has no affiliation with ESPN. They promote themselves as a mobile e-sports company. They also offer a mining package for their affiliates to earn money. To become an affiliate, you must register at least two people under you. Afterwards, you can choose to invest your money in the mining packages. Eventually, you will earn more than that, and you can also promote other affiliates.

Espian Global Commissions

In addition to its payment plan, Espian Global has a highly unique compensation plan. It pays 5% of its affiliates’ sales. You can earn more by sponsoring other affiliates. The company also offers residuals and performance bonuses for recruiting new affiliates. This compensation plan has no fixed ROI, which makes it easy to earn more money. This program is very profitable. With two-tiered levels, you can earn a lot of cash without any effort at all.

Referral Commission

Espian Global associates acquire a dime when they persuade a non-subsidiary to download the organization’s application.

50 pennies is paid per $5 spent inside Espian Global’s gaming stage.

Affiliate Commission

Espian Global pays a 5% commission on enlistment of new partners.

Note that enlistment commissions are paid from the third selected member ahead.

Residual Commissions

Espian Global pays leftover enrollment commissions through a twofold pay structure.

A twofold pay structure puts a member at the highest point of a double group, split into different sides (left and right):

Espian Global Bonuses

Although the company claims to be a legitimate business, it is not a good investment opportunity. The scammers are not a legitimate company. But if you can avoid this company, you can earn from the program. Moreover, if you register for the program, you will have access to the mining packages. But if you do not want to invest your money in it, you should look for a better opportunity.

Quick Master Bonus

To qualify as a Quick Master an Espian Global partner can

  1. qualify as an Ace inside 72 hours of joining; or
  2. qualify at Commander inside 30 days of joining.

In the event that Quick Master capability standards is met, an Espian Global member’s leftover bonus rate is knock to Relic ($6 per cycle covered at fifty cycles).

Quick Commander Bonus

On the off chance that an Espian Global member qualifies at Quick Master inside thirty days of joining, they get an equivalent portion of 2% of month to month broad income.

Medal of Honor Bonus

Espian Global takes 2% of broad income every month and stores it for the Medal of Honor reward.

The Medal of Honor reward is paid out as per shares.

Espian Global members procure one Medal of Honor reward share per sixty cycles created in a day.

Decoration of Honor extra offers are terminate the month they are paid out.

Hall of Fame Bonus

The Hall of Fame Bonus is a 2×7 framework cycler inside Espian Global’s pay plan.

The Hall of Fame Bonus is a 2×7 framework cycler inside Espian Global’s pay plan.

A 2×7 network puts a subsidiary at the highest point of a framework, with two positions straightforwardly under them:

Commissions are paid as each level of the framework is filled as follows:

  • Opal level 1 (2 Ace positions to fill) – $5 commission, unlocks level 2
  • Jade level 2 (4 Opal level positions to fill) – $15 commission, unlocks level 3
  • Topaz level 3 (8 Jade level positions to fill) – $60 commission, unlocks level 4
  • Sapphire level 4 (16 Topaz level positions to fill) – $800 commission, unlocks level 5 and generates one new Hall of Fame bonus position
  • Emerald level 5 (32 Sapphire level positions to fill) – $28,000 commission, unlocks level 6 and generates three new Hall of Fame bonus positions
  • Ruby level 6 (64 Emerald level positions to fill) – $6,000,000 commission, unlocks level 7 and generates six new Hall of Fame bonus positions
  • Diamond (128 Ruby level positions to fill) – $52,200,000 commission, generates ten new Hall of Fame bonus positions

Espian Global is an online business that claims to be an esports platform for mobile phones. The company’s website claims that it is the future of mobile games and that it will reward affiliates with residuals and performance bonuses. Currently, it’s not known whether the program is legit or a scam. If you decide to join, make sure you read the Espian Global review. It will help you decide whether it is for you or not.

Rank Achievement Bonus

Espian Global prizes Ace and higher positioned subsidiaries with Play Tokens.

  • Ace and receive 208 Play Tokens over 52 weeks
  • Herald and receive 312 Play Tokens over 52 weeks
  • Guardian and receive 520 Play Tokens over 52 weeks
  • Crusader and receive 832 Play Tokens over 52 weeks
  • Commander and receive 1612 Play Tokens over 52 weeks
  • Valorant and receive 2600 Play Tokens over 52 weeks
  • Legend and receive 6500 Play Tokens over 52 weeks
  • Relic and receive 13,000 Play Tokens over 52 weeks
  • Almighty and receive 26,000 Play Tokens over 52 weeks
  • Conqueror and receive 52,000 Play Tokens over 52 weeks
  • Titan and receive 130,000 Play Tokens over 52 weeks
  • Immortal and receive 520,000 Play Tokens over 52 weeks

Espian Global’s remuneration plan expresses that Play Tokens ‘can be either recovered, encashed or utilized for playing the game.’

Cost to Join Espian Global

In short, Espian Global is a legit business. It does not pay its affiliates in any way. You can start making money with as little as $50, which can be earned over time by building your own team. You can also purchase mining packages based on the level of your success in the game. But before you join, make sure that you understand how it works. A legit company will give you all the information you need to make a profit.

Final Thoughts

Espian Global has a simple compensation plan. If you join the binary team, you earn a dime every time a non-subsidiary downloads the application. You earn 50 pennies for every dollar of profit generated inside the gaming stage. You will receive 5% of your monthly income when you enroll new partners in the program. Then, you get paid for each additional level of paired group. Besides earning a minimum of $6, you will be paid a percentage of the monthly revenue of the company.

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