Elixoo Review – A Review of the Elixoo Affiliate Program

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The Elixoo affiliate program is a surprisingly lucrative one. It provides 78% commission on retail sales and 20% on the first order placed by an affiliate who is personally sponsored. There are several tiers of commission, from Personal Volume (PV) to Qualifying Volume (QV). Each tier offers two positions and is capped at EUR10,000 per week. The Saturn March 3 package provides three affiliates with a single binary team position.


Elixoo Review – Company Info

elixoo review

The program is not difficult to join. In the Elixoo review, I’ll discuss some of the pros and cons of this program. The main selling point of this opportunity is its marketing gimmick involving meteorite powder. Although the company doesn’t provide any information on this powder, the products they market are all marketed as being derived from cannabis. Furthermore, Elixoo’s offerings include CBD oil, which is available in either 10% or 30% concentrations. In addition, there’s a referral bonus available to new members.


Elixoo Review – Products

The Elixoo affiliate program pays out 70% commission on retail sales and another 20% commission on sales made by affiliates who personally recruit new members. The payment structure is based on rank tiers, and the system will search for a higher-ranked affiliate if it doesn’t recognize a member’s referral. The rewards can be substantial and the product line itself is quite unique. However, there are many disadvantages to this program.

Elixoo Compensation Plan

The program does pay out seventy-eight percent commission on retail sales, and a whopping twenty percent commission on affiliates who are recruited by you. As with any affiliate program, the system works by looking for higher-ranking members. This system automatically searches for higher-tiered members who subsequently sign up. While the company offers a referral bonus, this should be a red flag in itself.

How Much Can You Make With Elixoo?

As a member, you’ll receive a referral bonus when you sign up and buy their products. Elixoo offers a number of products, including CBD oil and meteorite powder. The meteorite powder is included in its marketing gimmick but it’s unclear what this ingredient does. In any case, the company is not entirely a scam, and it offers a referral bonus for new members.

How Much To Join Elixoo?

Elixoo also offers a number of products. It markets a CBD oil branded Rhea, which is purported to be a form of meteorite. But the company does not provide information about this powder. It has no measurable evidence of its products. The meteorite powder, however, is not. If this is the case, the company should explain why it is not a scam.

As an affiliate, you can earn up to 78% commission on retail sales and up to twenty percent on affiliates you recruit. You can also make a profit by referring your friends and family. As a bonus, you’ll receive a monthly referral bonus. Moreover, the company is a legitimate MLM opportunity. It offers a number of products, and you can sign up as an affiliate to earn a substantial income.

Is Elixoo a  Scam?

The company sells various products. A gimmick in its marketing is the inclusion of meteorite powder in their CBD oil. It doesn’t provide any information regarding this ingredient. Besides the products, the company offers a referral bonus and a meteorite powder. The product claims to be effective, but no one has verified it. If you sign up with the Elixoo affiliate program, you’ll be rewarded with a hefty cash amount.

Final Thoughts

The Elixoo affiliate program offers a referral bonus. In exchange for referring new members, you’ll earn 78% commission on retail sales and 20% on personally recruited affiliates. As an affiliate, you’ll earn more when you recruit affiliates who are higher-ranked than you. The company has several tiers of compensation. A high-ranking affiliate will receive more cash than a low-ranking associate.

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