Elevate Pass Review – Is This a Ponzi Scheme?

elevate pass review

In this Elevate Pass review, I will go through some of the pros and cons of the program and give you my honest opinion about its potential as a legitimate advertising platform. Despite its name, Elevate Pass does not provide any retail services. Instead, it relies on affiliate investments for its survival. That’s an alarming fact, as it suggests that the program is a Ponzi scheme. The biggest warning sign is that there is no SEC registration for the company.

Michael McLaughlin launched Mad Wear, a fashion brand that is a spin-off of the MLM business, which only had twelve subscribers at the time of writing this Elevate Pass review. However, when it came to this company’s CMO, Kaja Sikora, I could not find any promotional posts for Mad Wear. Therefore, I would recommend staying away from this program. It’s a legit online business opportunity, but it requires a small investment.

I’m skeptical of Michael McLaughlin’s credentials. He has a channel called Mad Investor, which has just twelve subscribers, and focuses on building online businesses. While Elevate Pass may seem like a good idea, he has never registered with the UK’s financial regulator. In the UK, scams thrive, so I expect this company to fail soon. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t possible.

In addition to its MLM business, Elevate Pass has also launched a sister brand, called Mad Wear, which has launched in 2021. According to this review, Michael is the CMO of Elevate Pass. Unfortunately, he has no promotional posts for Mad Wear. But he does have one other YouTube channel, which does have twelve subscribers. Unlike the infamous MLM, Mad Wear has no social media presence.

The Elevate Pass review has a number of other negative points. Initially, the product was very promising and I was convinced that I could build a business using the platform. But as I explained in my Elevate Pass review, I was not happy with the company’s lack of transparency. Fortunately, the product is safe and a good MLM business opportunity. I recommend this to anyone looking for a crypto-MLM opportunity. And don’t worry if you don’t have any experience in MLM, this will help you make up your mind on which company to join.

In addition to its Ad packs, Elevate Pass offers a variety of different products, and you’ll need to invest at least $10 in crypto to use the product. As a result, you’ll get 3% ROI every week and a 200% ROI total. Furthermore, you can make residual income on your own through a 2×22 matrix. If you don’t believe me, please share this review with friends.

While I’m sure this is an intriguing opportunity, I’m not sure that I want to join it myself. I’m not interested in making a lot of money in this MLM, but I’m also open to learning new things, and I’ve never been more excited. So, what do I think of Elevate Pass? What can I expect from this platform? Is it a legitimate online business opportunity?

Despite the claims of Elevate Pass’s financial stability, I’m not sure the company’s MLM business model is a legitimate online business opportunity. Currently, only a few affiliates have signed up for it. The company’s website is full of hype and promises. But this is not the case. After all, the entire platform is not a legitimate opportunity. So how does it compare to other similar online businesses?

A few flaws in the Elevate Pass system are worth noting. For example, it’s unclear what kind of compensation plan the company offers. The product offers 1.8% per pack. This is a generous return on your investment, but it does require a significant amount of time to work. It’s worth considering the low risk in this case. The company’s CMO has no promotional posts on his personal YouTube channel.

The Elevate Pass marketing plan requires its affiliates to purchase an affiliate membership package. This means they won’t be able to earn retail profits from the program. In addition, they’ll have to invest a minimum of $10 to become an affiliate. Furthermore, they have no retail products, so they can’t be considered legitimate. As a result, Elevate Pass is a Ponzi scheme. If you’re a member, it’s a fraud.

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