Bitlocity Review: Another Bitcoin MLM Scam or Legit?

Welcome to my Bitlocity Review.


Bitlocity Review – Company Info

Bitlocity is an MLM that claims to make you money with cryptocurrency.

Once you join the company, you earn commissions by personally recruiting new people.

However, you only receive this money if they become paid members, which is not the case.

The only way to make money with Bitlocity is by recruiting other people and passing on their commissions to them.

Here’s how to make money with Bitlocity: Sign up for their website and start referring friends and family.

Bitlocity Review – What Are The Products

The Bitlocity Facebook page is confusing, with confusing quotes and no information. It’s hard to tell if the company is legitimate.

Is it worth the money? The only thing I know for sure is that there are no products or services to sell.

The company is nothing more than a scam. It’s a scam, and you should stay away from it.

Read this Bitlocity review and don’t join.

Bitlocity Review – Compensation Plan

A Bitlocity review should point out that the membership costs are expensive.

The first tier is a Bronze membership.

The next tier is Silver, which requires a minimum of $25.

The third and tenth levels require a minimum of $150.

Then, you can purchase Bitlocity products and earn commissions from the affiliates.

The only downside of Bitlocity is that there is no way to withdraw your earnings from BTC.

Bitlocity Review – Cost To Join

While some people can make money with MLM programs, this is not the way to earn money with Bitlocity.

It’s more like a pyramid scheme, with no products. The products are low quality and expensive.

There are no benefits to joining the Bitlocity business. Rather, it’s a rip-off. I’d advise you not to sign up with the company until you have a full understanding of what it’s all about.

The following are the various membership levels:

Membership Levels:

Bronze ($25)

Silver ($50)

Gold ($75)

Platinum ($100)

Pearl ($200)

Ruby ($750)

Sapphire ($1000)

Emerald ($2000)

Diamond ($5000)

Double Diamond ($10,000)

Blue Diamond ($20,000)

Ambassador ($50,000)

Crown Ambassador ($100,000)

Participation in the complete program would cost $189,000 USD.

The Bitlocity program is a scam. They charge you for membership and provide little to no value.

It’s easy to make money with the Bitlocity system, but the product is worthless.

Its executives have shady backgrounds. The best way to make money with this MLM is to educate yourself.

There are plenty of opportunities to earn online.

The most important step is to learn about how to earn from your website.

How Much Can You Earn With BitLocity?

BitLocity is an MLM business opportunity that involves selling digital goods and Bitcoin.

It’s easy to get started with this company if you know how to use the tools available.

If you’re looking for a low-cost program, join with a friend. While there are no upfront costs, you’ll have to pay yearly fees for the platform.

If you’re looking for a long-term investment opportunity, BitLocity is worth your time. You can make money with this business as an online MLM.

Bronze And Silver Levels

As you can see, Bitlocity is not a scam. It is an MLM company that offers an opportunity to earn cryptocurrency with a low-cost membership.

This is why it’s important to learn as much as you can about online MLMs. They can help you make money by teaching you how to do them.

You can also share your experience with others to avoid scams. You can also join a Bitlocity affiliate program.

Gold And Higher Levels

This decentralized technology company has a unique program, with rewards and an affiliate program.

There are some good aspects to Bitlocity, but it’s not for everyone. Despite the shady background of its executive team, it’s unclear if the company is legitimate or not.

Currently, it is a prelaunch and the website isn’t very informative about the retail products.

Nevertheless, it does offer a peer-to-peer crowdfunding system, which is similar to other crypto mlms.

Is Bitlocity a scam?

Bitlocity is an MLM company that focuses on decentralized technology.

The company has no formal history and isn’t registered with the Better Business Bureau.

There are no details about the company’s founders and other key employees.

The MLM business model is not a legitimate Bitlocity business, but it may have other legitimate advantages. Unlike most MLMs, it uses a peer-to-peer crowdfunding platform.

Final Thoughts

As far as the payment structure, Bitlocity has fourteen tiers that allow you to earn more money.

The higher you are, the more money you will earn. The more you buy, the higher your tiers will be. In addition to this, there is also a referral program.

This is another way to make money with Bitlocity. It also features a video tutorial. This is great for learning about blockchain.

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