Adasa Group Review: BTC Ponzi or Legit MLM?

Welcome to my Adasa Group Review.


Adasa Group Review – Company Info

While the Adasa Group claims to be a cryptocurrency trading platform, this company is just a scam. The company does not offer retail products and its affiliates only promote their affiliate membership and investment opportunity. The 1% ROI that is promised daily is not realistic. While the program does have some legitimate claims, it does not provide a clear breakdown of how much it pays out daily. Moreover, it has no financial regulatory approval or registration.


Adasa Group Review – Products

The Adasa Group is an affiliate marketing company. They do not sell any products or services. Instead, their partners pay to join an income opportunity through recruitment. Like most MLMs, the Adasa Group offers little value on its website. It is merely an affiliate login page. However, the company’s website claims that the CEO is “Elizabet”. This is a lie. Despite the company’s claim, it does not appear that the founder has any experience in cryptocurrency trading.

Adasa Group Review – Compensation Plan

The Adasa Group’s compensation plan requires members to invest $50 in Bitcoin before they can participate in the program. However, the Adasa Group does not specify how long they must invest to make money. Moreover, the company does not disclose the owner’s name and address. So, if you are concerned about your safety, you can skip this part of the program. This MLM company uses a pyramid scheme and is likely to be a Ponzi scheme.

ROI Commissions

Although the Adasa Group claims to offer affiliate opportunities for bitcoin, this company isn’t a legitimate investment program. Despite being a multi-level marketing program, it does not provide any tangible proof of its profits. It also claims to be a trading bot, but does not offer any other external income. That’s a huge red flag, so don’t invest in Adasa Group!

ROI Profits

Adasa Group’s website doesn’t have any information about its management or the company. It is more of a simple affiliate login page. While the Adasa Group does offer a number of affiliate programs, there is no information about how much of these programs actually make money. The company only accepts Bitcoin as a payment method. If you can’t afford to spend the money, there’s no reason to waste it.

Referral Commissions – unilevel

Unlike many MLM companies, Adasa Group doesn’t have retail products and services. Its marketing materials are vague and contain little to no information. While the company is based in South America, it targets Spanish-speaking members in the region. The company’s website, however, does not provide any information about its management or the company’s CEO. While it claims to make money from cryptocurrency trading, the truth is much different.

Adasa Group BBB Accredited

Adasa Group’s website doesn’t have any information about the company’s management. The company’s website doesn’t even have a contact form. Its marketing materials don’t provide much else. The information that they do provide is all in the company’s marketing materials. Consequently, it’s impossible to determine if the company is legitimate. And even if it is, you’ll have to trust the claims that the company is making.

Is Adasa Group a Scam?

As with any MLM, the Adasa Group requires an initial investment of $50 in Bitcoin. However, this isn’t a retail product. Rather, it is a Ponzi scheme. It only offers affiliates an opportunity to earn commissions on sales. There’s no other way to earn money with this program. There’s nothing to buy, sell, or trade. You’ll just need to recruit affiliates.

Adasa Group Review – Cost to Join

Adasa Group is a pyramid scheme. Its affiliate program requires you to earn money by selling its products. You will be paid through referrals. The Adasa Group website doesn’t mention any details about the company’s management, except for the CEO’s name. If you’re interested in making money online, you should find a legitimate MLM program. In addition to this, it offers a free cryptocurrency course.

Final Thoughts

The Adasa Group is a crypto MLM that promises affiliates a profit on investments. This is a pyramid scheme that has been around for over three years. Its compensation plan is based on profits from the Adasa Group crypto trading bot. As the name implies, the earnings are derived from the company’s trading bot. While the MLM compensation plan is an MLM, it still involves cryptocurrency.

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